Thursday, April 12, 2007


Lots of stuff this morning. Rather than make this too long, I may post a second 'roundup.'

Reid and Pelosi recognize they made a political mistake: they were going to allow the President to say they refused to talk with him about Iraq funding. They realized that, and have accepted the invitation.

I've not previously commented on Imus; I think it's stunning that a man who has made a career saying inappropriate and offensive things is being crucified for this inappropriate and offensive thing. It seems only a matter of time before he loses his job altogether (because money talks). Normally in society Imus would then seek counseling, write a book and do the talk-show circuit to rehab his career, and then re-emerge on radio. Imus is a singular personality though, and I wouldn't be surprised if he simply retires to the Imus Ranch. After all, he's made more money than he'll ever need, and he's already shown that he's not cut out for the Sharpton/Jackson apology circuit. My guess is that his 'retirement' is at hand. (But is he going down swinging or relishing a fight?)

Bob Novak looks
at the CIA's confusing and inconsistent responses to questions about Valerie Plame's status. I imagine that Tom Maguire will have his usual insightful commentary.

Drezner points to a TNR piece suggesting we shouldn't be worried too much - yet - about Iran's nuclear enrichment program.

Wow! I've never seen this before! Jonathan Rauch notes that a politician can only be elected President or Vice President within 14 years of his (or her) first election to high office. By that rule, McCain, Giuliani, and (perhaps) Hillary Clinton are out.

Democratic political consultant Doug Schoen advises Democrats to give the President the clean Iraq supplemental that he's asking for. Clearly though, there's a strong push for brinkmanship on the part of Democrats. We'll see what they offer next, but I doubt it's a 'clean bill.' (Hat Tip: Tabin).

Uncle Jimbo picks up on a surprising question from Scott Pelley, while explaining why he'll oppose John McCain. In a perfect world, I'd be with him. If only this world were perfect.

Egad. ALa has a question for you today. My answer: assuming I have my current life and my current future as an alternative, then no. I'll play the hand I've got.

Lots of good stuff from Captain Ed today. With regard to his note that Howard Dean has his work cut out for him in trying to smooth ruffled feathers with Denver unions, I believe there were rumors some months ago that the DNC might be able to switch locations to New York - although I can't imagine it at this point.

Rob calls our attention to some good sites made available by Eric Cantor.

Andy Roth points to the first ever recording of a US President. It was Benjamin Harrison. Not surprisingly, the recording is a tirade against Helen Thomas.

The Politico captures conservative women in their natural habitat.

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Daniel DiRito said...

Regarding the Imus mess, it seems we are fast becoming the epitome of a Jerry Springer society. It seems to have become more important to have an audience and notoriety when confronting conflict than it is to attain resolve and mutual respect. That model seems to serve the needs of the exploited and those who seek to exploit; reinforcing all that relegates objectivity to the outhouse while making the frailty and imperfection of the human condition a spectacle that harkens back to the Coliseum.

This situation isn't and shouldn't be about whether liberals or conservatives, this race or that race, hip hop or honky-tonk, one group or another, are more offensive and therefore more responsible for all that is wrong with America. I am not capable of judging the whole of Don Imus nor am I capable of crafting a recipe to fix all of America...and neither are the countless pundits and partisans who have sought to frame it so.

I'm not a religious person...but I often find kinship with the imagery surrounding the portrayal of one called Jesus and his teachings of understanding and forgiveness. For all the banter I hear about the Bible and Christian values, it certainly seems to me that we are fast abandoning what many view as the sacred "tablets" in favor of the sacrosanct tabloids. If I'm right, all I can say is heaven help us.

Read more about the dynamics that lead a situation to become larger than the sum of its