Thursday, April 12, 2007

McCain's Turn to Shine

Hotline On Call reports that Senator McCain's campaign re-organization is leading to a reduction in staff:

Sen. John McCain 's campaign retooling continues.

Manager Terry Nelson is trimming some of the organization's vestigial edges to pare down costs and more efficiently distribute key staff. Contrary to rumors, the campaign is not shedding weight in order to slow down its cash burn rate. [It's not to slow down the 'cash burn rate', only to cut costs. Huh? - The Editor?]

Nelson has decided to eliminated several staff positions from the campaign's May budget, some yet to be filled. In addition, several campaign consultants will see their contracts modified. Others currently on retainer will work for the campaign on a per-project basis.

Key departments, including political affairs, communications and the field staff in early primaries states -- were spared, and some instances, are still hiring.

A campaign aide characterized the changes as "minor adjustments..."

McCain's first quarter filings will be available on Saturday. [MARC AMBINDER]

This contributes to the notion that McCain's campaign is in 'disarray,' an easy story to write. But I think that the Senator has an opening here. While Mayor Giuliani got the public funding of abortion mess behind him quickly, I think that because of that kerfuffle, there are conservative supporters of the Mayor who might be willing to 'kick the tires' on McCain. Expectations for McCain are as low as they can be right now, and he has latched onto an issue (in Iraq) that gives conservatives a reason to like him.

I expect Senator McCain to recover some lost ground in the weeks ahead.

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