Thursday, April 12, 2007

UN Seeks New York's Finest

The Secretary General asks Mayor Bloomberg to consider sending (more) New York City police for UN peacekeeping missions.

Is he insane? Doesn't he realize that New York City cops are trained to use force - even to fire weapons - when needed? They're not really cut out for blue helmet stuff.

As a more practical matter, many New York City cops are national guardsmen and women, and as such are subject to activation for military engagements. Many have served - and are now serving - in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Is it really a good idea to drain the pool for both the New York City police and the US military, to support UN missions to which we already give great manpower and funding? Not likely.

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OTJ said...

Hiring the NYPD for UN duties would be a huge mistake, IAB would quickly overwhelm them.