Tuesday, April 10, 2007


A must-read: Time Magazine misleads on the training received by those in combat. Seems they confuse 9 weeks with in excess of 13 months.

The average federal tax burden is $17K per household. In the city of Stamford, Connecticut the average per household is in excess of $82K!

Glenn notes the low approval ratings for Congress. But in the last 17 years, approval ratings under 50% are absolutely the norm, and under 40% aren't especially unusual.

Global warming is responsible for a lot. It makes it hot, it makes it cold; it makes it rain, it makes it dry. It also causes increases in crime. Can you believe some people don't take it seriously?

Keith Olbermann thinks it's normal and acceptable for him not to criticize Imus heavily, since they work on the same network. However, he thinks that Bill O'Reilly is a hypocrite for applying a double standard to his own network.

Senators running for President miss votes.

Ron Klein gets his first Republican opponent. I am perhaps giving undue attention to the (very) early signs of challenges to freshman Democrats. However, if the GOP is to win back control of the House, they must convince potential candidates and donors that the preconditions are there to do so. And what are those preconditions? A credible Presidential candidate, reasonable levels of funding, and good candidates for winnable seats. I'm encouraged by early indicators.

The coalition has regained the initiative in Iraq.

When Rudy met Hillary. First time I've seen it.

Ross Douthat suggests that the Sopranos is about how ordinary people choose damnation over salvation. (Hat Tip: Last)

How did the Greek theater at Epidaurus produce such splendid acoustics, despite having been built in the 4th century BC? Science has the answer!

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Anonymous said...

"Brian Smoot, Klein’s chief of staff and the manager of his 2006 campaign, told CQPolitics.com Monday that Klein raised about $600,000 through the end of March and banked more than $500,000 as April began — robust totals early in the 2008 campaign cycle. Klein, who raised more than $4 million for his 2006 campaign, will file his first-quarter campaign report with the FEC by April 15."

Do you think CREW will be filing a complaint with the FEC regarding Mr. Smoot's too close relationship between the campaign and the official office.