Friday, June 30, 2006

Bin Laden Hypocrisy

He Likes Zarqawi Better Dead than Alive

AP offers a solid piece on the latest audio tape (apparently) from Bin Laden, which hails Abu Musab al-Zarqawi as a 'lion,' and demands that the US return his body to his family for burial. AP writer Lee Keath notes:

• Zawahri’s criticism of Zarqawi while he was alive, for targeting Iraqi civilians and undercutting Al-Qaeda;

• Zawahri’s attempt to bum some money off of Zarqawi;

• Zawahri’s and Bin Laden’s posthumous effort to associate themselves with Zarqawi, who ‘stole the spotlight’ from them; and,

• The clear implication that Zarqawi was part of the Bin Laden AQ network, and not some lone rogue.

Refresh your memory about how frustrated Zawahri was with Zarqawi's counter-productive efforts here. It's also a useful reminder of the fact that AQ leadership wants Muslim civil war in Iraq, which they regard as 'the greatest battle of Islam in this era.' Check out what the Belmont Club had to say about the letter.

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