Saturday, July 01, 2006

Democratic Crybabies

I don't understand the charge - flung by the Democrats and echoed by their allies in the media - that Republicans are trying to use the Supreme Court's Hamdan decision as a 'political weapon.' The Republicans did not bring the case or seek the decision. Now that it has been rendered, they may seek to implement the legislative remedy suggested by the Court. If Democrats agree fully with Republicans, then there is no weapon; both sides are in agreement. If Democrats oppose and the public agrees with them, then are the Democrats brandishing a political weapon?

It seems that in order for Republicans NOT to be accused of using this as a weapon, they need to quietly read the Supreme Court decision and then not do anything about it. Or if they feel compelled to do something about it, they probably shouldn't discuss it, or they should do something unpopular. Or they should say that it really doesn't matter how you feel about the decision - that it doesn't make any difference in the War on Terror.

Is this how Democrats handle the minimum wage, or health care, or taxation?

No it's not. Because these policies are legitimate topics for public debate. When policymakers arrive at a crossroads - such as the one created by the Supreme Court here - they discuss and debate, stake out the opposing views, and take a vote. If the Democrats fear that their views are not in the majority, that's simply something that happens sometimes in politics. They can go along, or fight the good fight. But it's disingenuous to claim that the other side is playing politics.

The Democrats are just being crybabies, again.

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Anonymous said...

Crybabies? You "ends justifies the means" Rove Koolaid drinkers are the whiners. Those Real Americans who are paying attention to this, and not American Idol or Halo2, are actually relieved that one branch of this government is actually trying to reassert the rule of law.

The Editor at IP said...

Yes! Thank you for proving my point so nicely! As long as 'real Americans' who pay attention - as opposed to disinterested folks who don't vote in midterms - are with the Democrats, they should be THRILLED at this argument, right? I mean, only about 35% of voters turn out for midterms, and those are surely not the 'Halo players.' So if this winds up a losing issue for Democrats come the election, it must be because the people who ARE paying attention oppose them!

Thanks! Could not have asked for a better demonstration!