Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Mexico's Missing Prosperity

Robert Samuelson offers an interesting - if frustrating and depressing - read. He summarizes the problems of slow-growth Mexico, and gives some depressing stats. But he opines that the problems causing Mexico's slow growth are unlikely to change anytime soon.

This is sad but true. And Mexicans are likely to continue to press to emigrate to the US.

Elsewhere in the Post, you'll find interesting articles on the last few days of Mexico's Presidential campaign: the role of Hugo Chavez in the race, and the last-minute campaign frenetics.

My bet is that the Calderon and the PAN will win, given how close the election appears. Mexican voters are basically conservative; it took 70 years to try a party other than the PRI and having elected the PAN once, they are unlikely to want to switch again so quickly. Plus, (as Michael Barone points out) it's likely that some of Madrazo's support will switch to Calderon over the weekend, as they face the specter of an AMLO win.

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