Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Harry Reid has Half a Good Idea

Harry Reid has promised to hold up a Congressional pay raise until the Republican majority passes a minimum wage increase. My question is, why tie it to the minimum wage increase? Why not just block it? Because it has nothing to do with the minimum wage.

As I've noted before, Senate Democrats have been blocking a minimum wage increase for a while - just as Republicans have. Each side wants their minimum wage increase, and refuses to give ground to the other. The question is whether the Democrats will cave and allow a smaller increase with small business tax reductions, or whether Republicans will cave and pass a larger, stand-alone bill.

Since at least March, 2005, Republicans have been offering to pass a minimum wage increase of $1.10 per hour, along with 'modest tax breaks for small businesses and opportunities for workers to opt for more flexible schedules.' That is still the issue today. If Harry Reid and Ted Kennedy signal a willingness to compromise, there will be a minimum wage increase enacted in a few weeks.

What Harry Reid is insisting on is his minimum wage increase.

But why stop there? Do you think if he holds up a pay increase, he can also get his judicial appointments, tax increases, Iraq troop reductions, native american policies, and any other unrelated issue close to his heart?

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