Friday, June 30, 2006

Lieberman/Lamont Dems Biggest Fall Headache

The Hartford Courant reports that the last thing that Senate Democrats want to talk about is the Connecticut Senate primary. As I've written before, it may wind up being the Democrats biggest headache this fall. If Lieberman runs as an Independent - whether because he withdraws from the Democratic primary as Dick Morris advises, or after losing the primary - his Senate colleagues will be forced to choose between him and Lamont. In such a circumstance, there is no good choice.

If they back Lieberman, they're telling primary voters and the Kos/Netroots donors that their views are irrelevant. See what that does for fundraising. And if they back Lamont, they alienate the likely winner - Lieberman - who would probably wind up being more comfortable with the Republicans as a result.

I suspect that most Senate Democrats are secretly praying (or doing whatever else Democrats do), that Lieberman wins and saves them from this dilemma. But if Lamont is the Democratic nominee, then I bet Lieberman finds that his Senate colleagues will voice support for the Democratic nominee and otherwise sit on the sidelines. After all, Harry Reid spoke at Kosapalooza, and Charlie Schumer has already quieted down about Lieberman, after being criticized by Jimmy Dean. The Senate leadership seems to have cast its lot with the Left. It's a looooong way down the road, but I'd be interested to see whether Lieberman organizes with Senate Democrats - as he now says he intends - after getting re-elected as an Indepedent. It would surprise me.

Lieberman will need to make a statement in July on whether he will stay in the Democratic primary, or run as an Independent.

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