Thursday, June 29, 2006

Boehner Touts GOP Achievements

This is the text of the memo that Majority Leader Boehner has sent to House Republicans in advance of the July 4 recess:

GOP Promises Made, GOP Promises Kept

On March 16, House Majority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) laid out House Republicans’ plans for an ambitious agenda aimed at bringing more prosperity and security to American families. In conjunction with Senate Republicans and President Bush, House Republicans have continued to fulfill those promises. Following is a list of GOP promises made, and GOP promises kept since the beginning of the second session of the 109th Congress.

Keeping Our Promise to Make America Prosperous

House Republicans have focused on bringing prosperity and security to American families and opening the door for even more Americans to take advantage of today’s new job opportunities and the ongoing Bush Economic Boom. While House Republicans act to spur economic growth, create more jobs, and build a better energy future, Capitol Hill Democrats continue to champion policies that would increase taxes, kill U.S. jobs, and endanger the very economic prosperity we’ve built. Following are some major House achievements thus far:

 Tax Increase Prevention & Reconciliation Act Conference Report (H.R. 4297)
 Permanent Estate Tax Relief Act (H.R. 5638)
 College Access & Opportunity Act (H.R. 609)
 Deep Ocean Energy Resources Act (H.R. 4761)
 American-Made Energy and Good Jobs Act (H.R. 5429)
 Refinery Permit Process Schedule Act (H.R. 5354)
 The H-Prize Act (H.R. 5143)
 Federal Energy Price Protection Act (H.R. 5253)
 Communications Opportunity, Promotion, and Enhancement Act (H.R. 5252)
 Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act (S. 193)

Keeping Our Promise to Strengthen National Security & Border Security

House Republicans have built a strong national security record by supporting our troops fighting the Global War on Terror and honoring our veterans. In addition, strengthening our borders (as called for in the Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act, passed by the House in December 2005) and making our ports safer are important steps in bolstering our national security. While House Republicans act, Capitol Hill Democrats’ years of negligence in addressing the real safety and security needs of our country provide a very clear choice for the American people on security issues. Following are some major House achievements thus far:

 Resolution to Prevail in the Global War on Terror & Achieve Victory in Iraq (H.Res. 612)
 USA PATRIOT Improvement & Reauthorization Act (H.R. 3199)
 Security and Accountability for Every (SAFE) Port Act (H.R. 4954)
 FY 2007 Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act Conference Report (H.R. 4939)
 FY 2007 Intelligence Authorization Act (H.R. 5020)
 FY 2007 National Defense Authorization Act (H.R. 5122)
 FY 2007 Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act (H.R. 5441)
 FY 2007 Department of Defense Appropriations Act (H.R. 5631)
 Coast Guard & Maritime Transportation Act Conference Report (H.R. 889)
 Iran Freedom Support Act (H.R. 282)
 Respect for America’s Fallen Heroes Act (H.R. 5037)
 Veterans’ Compensation Cost-of-Living Adjustment Act (H.R. 4843)
 Veterans’ Housing Opportunity and Benefits Improvement Act (S. 1235)
 Heroes Earned Retirement Opportunities Act (H.R. 1499)

Keeping Our Promise to Spend America’s Taxpayer Dollars Wisely

House Republicans have focused on ensuring that Congress spends America’s taxpayer dollars wisely, promoting fiscal responsibility, and restoring a sense of trust between the American people and their elected leaders. With strong economic growth that is creating thousands of new family-wage jobs, the choice for Americans is clear: move forward with a strong economy and exercise fiscal responsibility, or hand over control of spending to Capitol Hill Democrats who view the federal treasury as nothing more than a goldmine for new spending. Following are some major House achievements thus far:

 Rejected $45.2 billion in New Democrat Spending Requests in FY 2007 Appropriations Bills
 Terminated 95 programs for a Savings of Nearly $4 Billion
 Reduced Funding for Member Projects by $7.8 Billion
 FY 2007 Budget Resolution (H.Con.Res. 376)
 “Rainy Day” Fund for Natural Disasters (H.Con.Res. 376)
 Legislative Line Item Veto Act (H.R. 4890)
 Lobbying Accountability and Transparency Act (H.R. 4975)
 Grant Reform Bill (H.R. 5060)
 FY 2007 Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act Conference Report (H.R. 4939)
 Annual Appropriations Bills – House has passed 10 of its 11 Appropriations Bills

Additional Legislative Successes in the House Thus Far

 527 Reform Act (H.R. 513)
 Forest Emergency Recovery and Research Act (H.R. 4200)
 Mine Improvement and New Emergency Response Act (S. 2803)
 Freedom to Display the American Flag Act (H.R. 42)
 Children’s Safety and Violent Crime Reduction Act (H.R. 4472)
 School Safety Acquiring Faculty Excellence Act (H.R. 4894)
 Office of National Drug Control Policy Reauthorization Act (H.R. 2829)
 Resolution Encouraging Seniors to Enroll in the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit (H.Res. 802)
 Senior Independence Act (H.R. 5293)
 Health Centers Renewal Act (H.R. 5573)
 Children’s Hospital GME Support Reauthorization Act (H.R. 5574)
 Truth in Caller ID Act (H.R. 5126)
 National Uniformity for Food Act (H.R. 4167)
 Emergency and Disaster Assistance Fraud Penalty Enhancement Act (H.R. 4356)
 Flood Insurance Reform and Modernization Act (H.R. 4973)

This is well and good, but Boehner knows that the GOP will be tested on what winds up signed into law by October. So far the list of big items is relatively short, but there is time, still.

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