Sunday, June 25, 2006

Why Were WMD Finds Not Revealed Earlier?

Strategy Page offers what appears to be logical and reasonable conjecture (as opposed to to sourced material):

...There have been some discoveries that have made the news, most notably an incident in May, 2004, when terrorists used a 155-millimeter shell loaded with sarin in an IED. The shell detonated, exposing two soldiers to sarin nerve gas (both of whom survived and recovered). It is this attack that provides one explanation as to why many of the finds have been classified.

If the United States were to have announced WMD finds right away, it could have told terrorists (including those from al-Qaeda) where to look to locate chemical weapons. This would have placed troops at risk – for a marginal gain in public relations...

It seems logical, but it also seems to simple - to me, anyway.

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