Sunday, October 29, 2006

AQ's October Surprise

According to Newsweek, experts are speculating that bin Laden will release a tape before the election. Let's toss into the mix that the Saddam verdict is due next Sunday - just two days before the midterm.

What will be the effect of either or both of these? Kerry groused that bin Laden's appearance right before the 2004 election might have cost him the Presidency. The Democrats have made much of the fact that they are supposedly more trusted on the issue of stopping terrorism now; do they hope for an OBL appearance, or fear it?

And what of the expected Saddam verdict? Will it be accompanied by increased violence? Will voters reconsider, and decide that maybe Iraq was not a total failure, or will they simply have the whole negative thing right at the top of their minds when they head to the polls?

It's intersting that 9 days out, there are still things that could bring important changes to the race.

Update: RedState picks up on wild lefty speculation that the scheduling of the Saddam verdict is a Rove-ian plot. I'm not all that sure that it helps the GOP, however.

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Scrubs & Shines said...

Al-Qaeda warns Canada
Quit Afghan mission or endure attack like 9/11, threat says
Stewart Bell, National Post Published: Saturday, October 28, 2006
OTTAWA - An al-Qaeda strategist has warned Canada to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan or face terrorist attacks similar to 9/11, Madrid and the London transit bombings.

These days when I see posts like this Al-Qaeda warning reported by Canada's National Post. I tend to keep watch in two directions now. I watch for Muslim extremists in my neighbourhood and I watch for the lying, not to be trusted Bush Administration to the south. Strategically Al-Qaeda would benefit holding off on any kind of attack in Canada by waiting for the outcome of the American elections. If they attacked before the November election results it would unleash the devil on themselves as it would reverse the wave of Democrat votes back into the hands of the Republican party that allows President Bush freedom of tyranny since his stealing the original election to be in office. George Bush is the most dangerous man on earth and his wealthy friends know it and want him to continue. A no win scenario. Why not just hold off an attack and wait for Americans who are against this war in Iraq and Afghanistan have there say come November Elections. Not all Americans are bad as the Al-Qaeda and Taliban think . I know the majority of Muslims are not war mongers themselves. Americans were lied to about Iraq's WMDs and by early warnings of a 9/11/01 attack the Bush Administration knew of and ignored. They still feeling the sting from the ongoing deceptions. The remainder of Americans are still in denial and can't except the President lied to them. Americans are not a cowardice people but truly a brave caring Country that are capable of being leading peace makers in the world. Most Americans respect and care about other people's nations, freedoms and equalities, enough to want to help when asked. Clearly the Bush government are not in business for peace and caring for there own (Katrina) but profiteers of world domination and lets face it, as long as they are in power they hold the upper hand and we have seen the result of this power so far with the death and destruction in along its path. Let Americans deal with this problem at home first, give them a chance begin to clean up there own backyard. It may result in the first footsteps towards peace and pull out from these war torn countries