Wednesday, November 01, 2006

House GOP Shakeup

Tim Chapman picks up on an interesting story in The Hill about GOP 'backbenchers' pushing for leadership changes after the elections.

The House GOP has currently scheduled its leadership elections for the week of November 13, when Members will have returned to Washington for the 'Lame Duck' session of this 109th Congress. Such early scheduling is traditional, not least because it gives challengers little time to organize opposition to the incumbents.

There has been talk in the GOP of pushing back leadership elections. If things go badly on election day, expect that talk to increase. The goal for insurgents would probably be to have the next round of elections in December, when it is possible that Congress will have to come back for a second lame duck session.

If there are enough challengers to force a delay in the leadership elections, expect there to be new blood.

And frankly, if election day goes badly, several of the posts will have been vacated anyway.

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