Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Great Picture

I think this picture may hurt the GOP, in that we are helped when people realize that John Kerry is a leader in the Democratic party, and he holds offensive views. This picture however, tends to make it plainer that John Kerry is a joke, who almost never ought to be taken seriously. And if enough voters think that Kerry shouldn't be taken seriously, they are less likely to regard it as important to come out and vote for his oppposition.

As an analogy, few realize that Jerry Springer was once the Democratic mayor of Cincinnati. If you thought about Springer as a leader in the Democratic party, you would probably race to the polls to vote GOP. But since most regard him as a joke, it loses the 'punch.' Well, do we really want the voters to realize that Kerry is as unserious as Jerry Springer?

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Anonymous said...

The U. S. Senator speaking to our California students was gracious enough to provide an example simplifying “The Commandments of John Kerry” enabling conservative Christians too understand him better. Can we have him speak more often?

The Commandments of John Kerry

1. Thou shall substitute stereotyping, of a distinguished select group of people, to fill the void caused by a lack of substance in your argument.

2. Thou shall profile, every person making up the complete entity, with denigrating remarks to project superiority on your part.

3. Thou shall insult the intelligence of others to show those before you, who are faced with a decision, what could happen to them on this world stage if they chose to disagree with you.

4. Thou shall insinuate that the choice of an individual was not a choice at all; planting the idea that you will also be viewed as an ignorant person if you don’t think like I do.

5. Thou shall instill self consciousness in young naive listeners, who are awestruck by a real life U. S. Senator, implying that you will also be viewed as stuck in one of life’s flee infested arm pits of the world, completely helpless and not in control of the situation if you don’t think like I want you to.

6. Thou shall increase the use of rhetoric concealing insufficient power to handle the circumstances.

7. Thou shall intentionally belittle and terrorize innocent minds to subsidize your obsession for power, glory and fame.