Tuesday, October 31, 2006

John Kerry: Offensive Clown

I have a dear family member who is an attorney. He became a police office because he wanted to give back to the community and protect the innocent. He joined the military and served proudly in Iraq. Upon his return, he returned to public service, and now puts his life on the line to protect his fellow Americans every day. I find it deeply and profoundly offensive that John Kerry seems to think he is an idiot.

I know by now that John Kerry is a classless, privileged ass. So perhaps I shouldn't expect any better. I know that he's demonstrated his contempt even for the Secret Service agents who had the thankless task of protecting him in 2004, and who may be called to protect him again in his effort to become a two-time loser in 2008. Does Kerry know how many of those agents have a background in the military? Does he think they're stupid as well?

It's a shame that John Kerry doesn't have the good sense to just shut up.

Video Here:

Update: Kerry demonstrates that he can't take a lesson and doesn't know when to quit. In his statement and in his press conference, he refuses to apologize, and rests on his record of 'support for our troops.' What a joke.

So basically, if you believed and liked Kerry after the 2004 campaign, you might still like him. But if you know that Kerry has a record of disdain and even contempt for our troops, this will stick in your craw.

It's just a little more fuel to help Karl Rove ramp up the turnout.

Update II: Here's Kerry's refusal to apologize.

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MikeD said...

He's an ass. And although the video doesn't capture any reaction from the crowd, let me just offer to anyone present who might have applauded or cheered, that if you make an effort to "study hard" and "do your homework", you probably don't end up at Pasadena City College either.

Anonymous said...

My daughter is a proud member of the USAF. She volunteered her services after 9/11 to try and "make a differance". She is donating six years of her life to a cause that John Kerry and his followers will undoughtedly never comprehend. After her tour of duty, she has great expectations of returning to college to pursue a career as a Veterinarian. Signed, proud Vietnam Veteran, Rick C. from Montana

Joe said...

Wow. Hillary and Bill Richardson probably smile every time they hear this moron say this.

clown said...

it's a good clown.

Anonymous said...

First of all its Sir John Forbes Kerry to you filth. John is an elegant and important guy. His best quote is "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?" Botox has given Jawn an even more fab look, as a Masshole I will be proud to vote for john again.