Monday, April 02, 2007

Change at the Influence Peddler

Readers of the Influence Peddler will be interested to know that beginning today, I will be blogging at the Weekly Standard blog as well as here. I'm delighted at the opportunity to be associated with one of America's best and most well-known conservative political and policy publications. I hope the bigger platform at the Standard will allow me to reach a broader audience and increase awareness of what goes on in the halls of Congress. It'll also give me a better opportunity to offer my (limited) wisdom on what's going on in Washington.

For the foreseeable future, some of my posts will be exclusive to the Influence Peddler. Others will be posted first to the Weekly Standard, and may be posted here after some delay. The posts at the Standard will be focused on politics, Capitol Hill, and Members of Congress and the Senate. There will continue to be some of that here at the Influence Peddler, as well as the other stuff you have come to expect from me. The upshot for you, the reader? If for some inexplicable reason you're interested in the stuff I post on, you'll need to read both the IP and the Weekly Standard to get it all.

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