Monday, April 02, 2007

Some Radical Thoughts

Inspired by Rosie's example, I have begun to question some assumptions.

Is the earth flat? And why is George Bush lying about it? Did he order the slaughter of innocents to make the earth that way? I'm just asking.

And did any Jews really die in the Holocaust? Perhaps George Bush was actually the one who slaughtered them, and then blamed it on Hitler.

Oh. Suddenly I can't even ask a simple question? Why? Were you frightened because I was coming a little too close to the truth, so now you have to silence me?

Well I guess this really is George Bush's America.

One more: are George Bush and his oil baron cronies intentionally bringing about global warming to submerge the East and West coasts - the only parts of the country that stand between Rethuglicans and absolute power?

Oh wait. That last one sounded way too much like Rosie.

Hat Tip: Allah

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