Friday, April 06, 2007


Democrats develop and execute their own foreign policy - to the detriment of the US and themselves. The money quote reminds me of something I said:

Once we leave Iraq, America's enemies will still reside in the Mideast; and they will be stronger if we leave behind a failed government and bloodbath in Iraq. Mr. Bush's successor will have to contain the damage, and that person could even be a Democrat. But by reverting to their Vietnam message of retreat and by blaming Mr. Bush for all the world's ills, Democrats on Capitol Hill may once again convince voters that they can't be trusted with the White House in a dangerous world.

Great video of Kennedy arguing for a capital gains tax cut. As Democrats push for increases in capital gains taxes, it's good to hear Kennedy stepping up in implicit opposition. Oh - did I confuse you? I meant John F. Kennedy.

The joint chiefs stress the importance of a signed Iraq supplemental in April.

On impeaching Bush - the Democrats want to...

Harry Reid faces heat at home for policies he's pursuing in Washington.

Get an IPod - a US soldier in Iraq had his life saved by one.

Looks like Purdue University will make the first cloaking device - within two or three years.

Gay marriage legalized in... Disneyland?

Is Tom Maguire in the Phantom Zone?

Reimagining Happy Gilmore. Pretty funny.

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