Friday, April 06, 2007

The Only Democrats Running Are Those Who Can't Win

How much is the current anti-Republican mood tied to the fact that George Bush is President? This much:

"The new Hotline/Diageo poll has a generic Democratic presidential candidate beating a generic republican presidential candidate by 18. 18. Yet (see last week’s Time mag poll) our alleged top tier candidates all lose in hypothetical match ups to real Republican candidates. That is, Senators clinton and obama are more than 20 points less desirable to voters than an imaginary Democrat. our “top tier” candidates may be the only Democrats in existence who can’t win in 08."

I think this finding strongly suggests that the Democrats' current generic advantage is due to dissatisfaction with President Bush - and to a lesser extent the Iraq war. Once those are eliminated from the equation - as happens when you begin to focus on the Democratic candidates and the Republican candidates - the Democratic advantage disappears.

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