Monday, April 02, 2007


Orrin Hatch for Attorney General? It is at least consistent with the tradition for replacing controversial officials: pick a Senator who'll be confirmed easily and be replaced by someone of the same party. Hatch comes from Utah, which last elected a Democratic Senator in 1970.

But why would Hatch want that job? The only reason I can imagine is if he were promised the next Supreme Court opening. But Hatch is 73, so Bush would earn no friends among Republicans with a nominee who was bound to serve a relatively short period of time.

Santo Subito? Well, not exactly subito - but pretty darn quick.

NASA's concerned about a 4-year gap in manned space missions. The gap would be from late 2010 to early 2015 - between the last Space Shuttle mission and the first Orion mission. Further - and not to be the one who breaks it to them - but government contracts tend to run late. But according to NPR, the Endeavour - which was built to replace Challenger - has has significantly fewer flights than any other shuttle. Could it bridge the gap, if NASA so desired?

Why won't George Bush fight back?

Fred Thompson's first campaign ad? Amusing. And it does hit on one of the first themes his opponents will bring up: what has he accomplished?

Keeping the Yankees in the family.

Goodbye to Coney Island? Next you'll tell me that Joltin Joe has left and gone away...

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