Saturday, April 07, 2007

Novak: WH Uses Easter to Push More Spending

Bob Novak has his typical interesting Saturday morning compilation, highlighted by the decision of the White House to push federally-funded children's health care at the Easter Egg roll:


Parents taking toddlers to the White House Monday for the annual Easter Egg Roll are scheduled to be handed a brochure instructing them on how to enroll their children in government-funded child-care programs.

President Bush's staff requested that the Department of Health and Human Services supply 50,000 brochures for the traditional Monday event.

That might seem an unusual undertaking for an administration avowedly dedicated to limited government. The added irony is that many of the participants in the Easter Egg Roll are well-heeled supporters of the president unlikely to be interested in government child care.

Read Novak as well for news about Fred Thompson's burgeoning campaign, and the visit of several Republican Congressmen to Damascus.

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