Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Reid's Empty Words

Can anyone take Harry Reid remotely seriously? He clearly lacks the courage of his convictions, and his position on Iraq seems to change by the day.

The Post reports on his well-covered decision to cosponsor legislation requiring an end to the US presence in Iraq on March 31, 2008. Recently he believed that the President should withdraw troops by that date. Now he believes that the President must have the US out of Iraq by then. Why the change?

Reid had previously opposed setting a firm end date for the war, a stance he has backed away from in recent months as others in his party moved to increase pressure on Bush. He officially converted after visiting wounded soldiers last week at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

That change is heartwarming. Would the Senator care to share what the troops told him while he was there? It has been my experience that the men and women of the US Armed Services - both active duty and veterans of the conflict - tend to be very supportive of the mission in Iraq. If Harry Reid heard a wealth of contrary voices, it would be refreshing to know that he had begun to pay attention to the soldiers on the ground.

The Post further reports:

"Talk about a way to be depressed," Reid said yesterday in a talk-radio interview with liberal host Ed Schultz. "The American people, I repeat, have to understand what is happening. It is not worth another drop of American blood in Iraq. It is not worth another damaged brain."

If Senator Reid really believes this, he has it in his power to end the conflict swiftly. He can refuse to provide funding.

He would be considered a hero in many quarters - a profile in courage. And he could rest assured that he was doing what was right. Otherwise, he clearly lacks the courage of his convictions.

And not to pile on, but the Post reports accurately that last month Senator Reid supported legislation providing that Congress would take no action "to undermine the safety of the Armed Forces of the United States or impact their ability to complete their assigned or future missions." And just four months ago, the Majority Leader said "we're not going to do anything to limit funding or cut off funds."

So my question is, what does Harry Reid believe... today?

And what will he believe tomorrow?

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