Wednesday, April 04, 2007

More on Biden's Iraq Plan

Yesterday I criticized Senator Biden (over here) - one of his party's more serious and credible thinkers on foreign policy - for putting forth a plan for Iraq that made no sense. He expounds on his idea here, in an interview from the Tonight Show that Biden's campaign has posted at YouTube:

I encourage you to watch it. His plan is for a loose federation in Iraq, under a weak central government. He clearly takes it seriously and has thought about it a great deal.

My only question is, how is this achieved consistent with a date-certain for withdrawal of US troops? Does Mr. Biden imagine that we can tell the Iraqis 'we're leaving; please do this?' Surely Mr. Biden's ambitious plans - which are even more prescriptive than the President's - require some incentives to the Iraqis to adopt them. If he's taking away the troops, what does Biden offer Iraq instead?

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Philo-Junius said...

Ultimately, the whole world should be run like Switzerland.

There, that's my plan--where's my award?